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 I am.. MichelIe

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PostSubject: I am.. MichelIe   Thu Jul 24, 2008 8:03 pm

Hi, my IGN (In-Game Name) is MichelIe.
Here are some facts about me o_o.
My real name is Kenn.
I like men, I'm homosexual. Please do not be affended by that -_-
My main _Doom_, I deleted him. He was lvl 53, with lots of prems. I was drunk :\
So now my main is right now lvl 27, I'll get her higher as the weeks pass by during this summer.
I am very fond of people in this clan, like Devastate (David), Another dude, Forgot his IGN (Gio), TooSexyLegs (Hanzley). There's one more.. and she's BIeed. Yeh.. Bleed if your reading this, yep, this is Doom. You can start hating me. But I don't care. You can ASK any admin to kick me, rofl. I dont give a shit. David will make me admin soon. Well actually not soon, she hasto -_-.
Well those are some facts about meh o.o
I hope I didn't bore you people Embarassed Click on this Link for really good crosshairs! Arrow http://www.gunzfactor.com/forums/f29/27226-crosshair_index.html
Its Kenn(y) Bitches affraid
Luv Luv U!
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I am.. MichelIe
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